Residential Division


Transform a house into an inviting home reflecting the owners personality and lifestyle within the chosen budget. From simple paint choices and furniture arrangements to whole house interior design.

New Construction Interior Planning

Review floor plans and assist in choosing finishes such as lighting, plumbing, flooring, paint, wallcoverings, kitchen cabinets, hardware, window treatments, accessories, artwork, etc.

Renovation Interior Planning

Critically evaluate the most efficient plan to renovate existing spaces from concept redesign through installation.

Real Estate Staging for Resale of a Home

Review and recommend simple and cost effective ways to present your home best to potential buyers for a lucrative quick sale.

Personal Shopper

Shop together in local stores and showrooms to choose appropriate furnishings and accessories.


Provide appropriate products and materials within a range of styles and budgets while considering technology needs, ease of maintenance, and long term appearance retention. Additional consideration for homes with pets.